Before & After Gallery

This young attorney was unhappy with the
color and shape of her teeth.
A combination of Porcelain Veneers and caps
gave her the smile she wanted in just a few visits.
This professional woman was starting a new job and wanted a more youthful smile.
Placing veneers on her front teeth restored her teeth to their former condition and took twenty years off her smile.
This corporate executive had severe wear from grinding her teeth which also affected her bite.
Orthodontic treatment by Dr. Bill Roberts followed by porcelain veneers on eight teeth and a protective night guard will protect her beautiful smile.
This young woman wanted her teeth straighter but would not wear braces.

Using porcelain laminate veneers we were able to close the spaces and align her teeth .

Left side view of above patient.

Right side view of above patient.

This marketing executive was unhappy with the
wear and fracturing of her front four teeth.
Porcelain veneers on those four teeth solve
her problem .
Years of multiple bonded filling in her front teeth gave this woman an unaesthetic smile.
Porcelain veneers easily solved her problem
This young woman suffered from Bulimia which eroded her teeth due to the acid.
Financial consideration prevented us from restoring her smile with Porcelain veneers. Instead direct resin bonding was used to restore both form and function.
This retired physician suffered from patchwork dentistry for may years. He finally decided to undergo a total rehabilitation of his mouth.
Fixed and removable prostheses were utilized to give this patient the professional appearance he wanted.
Years of neglect and discomfort finally forced this patient to seek our help.
Combining gum treatments, root canal treatment and fixed bridges we dramatically transformed his smile giving him new confidence.
Due to infections that could not be resolved with root canal treatment, this young attorney required the removal of two front teeth.
Implant would have been an option for replacing these teeth but the patient instead chose fixed bridgework which was completed in much less time.